Tips for House Cleaning!

Tips for House Cleaning!

   Whether it’s just keeping your home clean and tidy or getting ready to host a party/event; The key is to target the areas guests would notice when they enter your home. It’s possible to convince people your home is clean and organized 24/7 with low effort, but with a plan.

Here is a list of “hot spots” you can spruce up quickly without spending a ton of time.

  • Wipe Down Surfaces

- This is one of the 1st things to do and makes a huge difference. Especially glass surfaces as glass shows every speck of dirt and dust. Also include wiping down the television and any hanging mirrors. Black surfaces will show the most dust, so use a duster 1st, before wiping down to ensure a streak-free finish.

  • Clean off Kitchen Counter

- The area that people will hover around the most is the kitchen. Be sure to wipe down your countertops of lingering crumbs and food, then spray it down with a multipurpose cleaner. Don’t forget the Stove! Put any unwashed dishes in the dishwasher, do not leave a massive pile in the sink.

  • Vacuuming

- If you have pets that shed or a spouse/kids around the house that leave crumbs everywhere; Vacuuming is crucial.  Quickly vacuum those areas you know guests will be around and make sure to cover all corners. Bonus points if you vacuum or wipe down the dust-off baseboards.

  • Bathrooms

-Switch out any towels and wipe down around the tub, drain, sink, and mirrors to remove any mildewy smells and soap scum with bathroom cleaner. Always give the toilet a quick scrub as well.

  • Take out the Trash

-If your trash cans are more than half-way full, then you need to empty them to ensure there are no odors. Don’t forget the bathroom or any other waste baskets you may have in your home.

  • Clutter

- If you have too many things out such as blankets, jackets, kids toys, etc;  you should put them away in a closet or basket. Use this time to also straighten things up like pillows or décor.

   For finishing touches, open any blinds or curtains to let in natural light. Lighting a candle is great as well so that guests are greeted with a pleasant smell. Close any doors that such as bedrooms and closets. These tips will save you time when you need a quick clean around the house. Also, great when you are preparing your home for photos or a showing when you are selling a home. For all real estate related questions contact The Raver Team at 505-554-2213.


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